Jan 17, 2009

I'm getting sick and tired of your broken promises, promises

Hello, 2009.

That's right. 2009. But what happened to 2008 you say? You can't possibly skip a year's worth of bloggable (or un-bloggable) material.

Or can you?

My sincerest apologies, but that's exactly what I did and because we can never get that time back, you and I will just have to stumble forward into a bright and shiny new year in blissfully sunny Los Angeles.

Let's start things off with a handful of words about my dining experience at the ever popular Cheesecake Factory last night:

Wonderful company. Happy Birthday, Sierra! Miss you, Becca! Penthouse Reunion!
Horrendous wait. Nearly 2 hours.
Delicious dinner. Chicken piccata.
Saccarinely sweet mojito.
Decadent cheesecake. Despite my stubborn request for plain cheesecake, the flamboyant brownie concotion draped in whipped cream was an adequate substitute. Heh.

Hmmm, I knew there was a reason I haven't visited this chain since high school...

Cheesecake Factory
The Americana at Brand
511 Americana Way, Glendale, CA 91210
(818) 550-7505