May 28, 2010

JGold's 99 ~ Hot Dog on a Stick

I first had Hot Dog on a Stick my freshman year of college at the Pacific View mall in Ventura on my way to a sailing regatta with the rest of the UCSB sailing team. We had caravaned to the food court to pick up a teammate who worked there and hooked us up with an assortment of corndogs, cheeses on a stick, and fresh-squeezed lemonade. I can't quite recall whether we were going up north to San Francisco or down south to Marina del Rey, nor can I remember if we actually did well at the race, but I do remember our detour to Hot Dog on a Stick. The chain is another one of those quaint California-isms that I found so delightful back then- like saying 'hella' and playing hacky sack. I was an East Coast girl woefully missing Chik-fil-a and Pollo Tropical, and yet I found myself opening up to love In 'n' Out, El Pollo Loco, and, of course, Hot Dog on a Stick.

Today I begin my quest to eat through Jonathan Gold's 99 Things to Eat in LA Before You Die and I start with Hot Dog on a Stick. Why? It's conveniently located in my local mall. My plan of attack with Gold's list is a path of least resistance, plain and simple. My only stipulation is that I save the fugu for last. Not out of actual fear, but more for a dramatic finish.

Anyway, back to the dog. Simple food, simple menu. I ordered a corndog and a regular lemonade. They offer something called a "vegetarian dog," but really, what's the point? I really like that the hot dog is hand-dipped in batter and fried right in front of you. It's a small reassurance that the treat you are allowing yourself is not *that* bad. Or, at least, it could be worse. I did not, however, allow myself to get a cheese on a stick, I gotta draw the line somewhere and far too often I don't draw the line at all. I'm not sure how much corndog competition is out there for Hot Dog on a Stick, but all I can say is that it's a good thing Gold didn't include Orange County on his list beacuse I think the corndogs at Disneyland right off of Main Street might give Hot Dog on a Stick a run for their money.
Hot Dog on a Stick
Burbank Town Center
201 E Magnolia
Burbank, CA 91502

Jan 1, 2010

Soyrizo is People! (Or the best ever hangover omelette)

Soyrizo Omelette

1 - browse fridge for whatever leftovers may or may not make a good omelette
2 - gently crack eggs into a bowl and whisk til blended
3 - squeeze Soyrizo out of its casing (WARNING: don't eat the plastic!!) and saute it in a frying pan
4 - add in whisked eggs and any extra goodies (i think i tossed in some leftover roasted potatoes)
5 - eat out of the pan
6 - crawl back into bed
7 - eat the rest of the omelette 3 hours later

Happy New Year, foodies!!